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Custom Stretch Table Throw

Stretch table throw Transforms your display table from lackluster to impressive by simply draping your printed table cover. Utilize your display space to the fullest by covering any available space with your business' information.
Price: $ 81  -  137
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Step1. Click the DOWNDOAD buttonDownload 2 to donwn load the template.

Step2. Make your own design with the template.

Step3. Click UPLOAD buttonUpload 2 to upload your files to email:  order@bannervantage.com 

           or send file directly to email:  order@bannervantage.com

Make a simple table into branded advertisng media by using our custom table throws. The material is 

an 6.8 oz. polyester with a vibrant, dye-sublimation-printed design, table throws are a good deal for 

any tradeshow, convention, or business event display. Table throws are specifically suited for on 4ft,6ft 

or 8ft wide tables with 3 sides or 4 sides.

Table Size 4ft, 6ft, 8ft
Type of Table Throw Stretch Table Throw, with open back with full sides
Printing Method Dye sublimation printing
Finishing Method Double stitched along edges.
Material of Table Throw Knitted polyester 250g/squ.m


What is a Stretch Table Throw?

Stretch table throws are made from a stretchable fabric that conforms to the table's shape, providing a snug fit. 

This type of table throw gives a sleek and modern look, ensuring a tight and wrinkle-free presentation.


In the realm of event and exhibition setups, attention to detail and branding are paramount. 

A crucial element that often plays a significant role in leaving a lasting impression is the table throw. 

Among the various options available, stretched table throws have gained prominence for their sleek 

appearance and customization possibilities. This article delves into the features and advantages that 

make stretched table throws a valuable addition to your event toolkit.

4ft, 6ft, 8ft, with open back or full sides
- Durable polyester fabric
- Dye sublimation printing process
- Full-color graphic prints
- Stitched hemming along edges to prevent fraying
- Machine washable in cold water
- Tumble or air-dry
- Gently steam with hand-held steamer to erase wrinkles

- Portable and lightweight

Purpose and Benefits of Using Table Throws

Seamless and Sleek Appearance

The most notable feature of stretched table throws is their seamless and sleek appearance. 

The fabric is tightly stretched over the table, eliminating wrinkles and 

creating a streamlined look that exudes professionalism and attention 

to detail. This clean presentation enhances the overall aesthetics of your display.

Customization and Branding

Stretched table throws can be fully customized to showcase your brand's colors, logo, and messaging. 

The fabric serves as a canvas for your branding efforts, allowing you to create a cohesive 

and impactful visual representation of your brand identity. This level of customization 

sets the stage for effective brand communication.

Versatility in Usage

Stretched table throws are suitable for a wide range of events, including trade shows, conferences, expos, 

and corporate gatherings. Whether you're using them at a product launch 

or a networking event, their versatility ensures they seamlessly adapt to various contexts.

Quick and Easy Setup

Setting up a stretched table throw is a hassle-free process that requires minimal effort and time. 

The tight fit ensures that the fabric remains in place without the need for constant adjustments,

 allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event setup.

Durability and Longevity

Stretched table throws are crafted from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent use. 

The fabric is designed to maintain its vibrant colors and professional appearance even after multiple 

events, providing long-lasting value.

Professional Aesthetics

The tailored and snug fit of stretched table throws elevates the overall aesthetics of your display area. 

The clean lines and polished appearance create an inviting space that draws attendees' 

attention and reinforces your brand's credibility.

Size Options for Various Tables

Stretched table throws come in various sizes to accommodate different table dimensions, from standard to custom-sized tables. 

This adaptability ensures a perfect fit regardless of the table you're using, maintaining the desired professional look.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Events

Whether you're participating in an indoor trade show or an outdoor expo, stretched table throws 

are versatile enough to suit both environments. Their durable construction and 

vibrant graphics ensure they remain effective regardless of the setting.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining stretched table throws is simple. 

Most fabrics can be machine washed or spot cleaned, 

allowing you to keep your table throw looking fresh and presentable for every event.

Portability and Storage

Stretched table throws are lightweight and easy to fold, making them highly portable. 

They can be conveniently packed into carrying bags or cases, 

ensuring they remain in pristine condition between events.

Affordable Branding Solution

Compared to other elaborate branding solutions, stretched table throws offer 

a cost-effective way to enhance your event presence. 

They provide a sophisticated and professional look without breaking the bank.

Enhanced Event Presence

The combined effect of a tailored appearance, vibrant branding, and professional aesthetics 

significantly enhances your event presence. Stretched table throws 

create a cohesive and memorable display that resonates with attendees.


Q: Are stretched table throws machine washable?

A: Many stretched table throws are machine washable or can be spot cleaned. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for specific care instructions.

Q: Can stretched table throws be used outdoors?

A: Yes, stretched table throws are suitable for outdoor events. However, it's advisable to consider weather conditions and choose appropriate materials.

Q: How are stretched table throws customized with branding?

A: Stretched table throws can be customized through methods like dye-sublimation printing, allowing for full-color graphics and logos.

Q: Can stretched table throws accommodate different table sizes?

A: Yes, stretched table throws come in various sizes to fit different table dimensions, ensuring a tailored fit.

Q: Are stretched table throws reusable for multiple events?

A: Absolutely, stretched table throws are designed to be durable and long-lasting, making them suitable for repeated use.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What size of the table can fit the table throw?
Recently, our table throw is for 3 certain sizes of the table. They are 4ft 
 table 48"x24"x29", 6ft table 72”x30”x29, and the 8ft table 96”x30”x29

Is the material of table throw stretched?
The material of drape table throw and fit table throw is not stretched, while the material of the strech table throw is stretched. 

What’s the difference between a table throw and a tablecloth? Table cover? Table runner?
Sometimes, table throw is also called table cloth and table cover, they are used interchangeable

Tablecloth is primarily used as a protective table cover at parties and gatherings involving food. Typically, tablecloths only cover the top portion of the table, with a few inches of material hanging over the sides. 
Table runners, are a decorative piece added over the top of a tablecloth or a table. Runners are used for decorative purposes.
Table throws are specifically designed to cover an entire table down to the floor for business or promotional use. By covering the entire table, trade show materials can be stored under the table and out of sight. Table throws are commonly used together with other advertising displays likes trade show booths where visitors and passersby can sit down and chat, and the branded table throw on the table will bring a professional first inpression at any occasion.

How thick are your table throws? Do you offer any other thickness options?
We currently only offer an250g polyester, which is most popular and proper material for table throws.

Is other size table suitable for the table throw? How about Circular table?
No, but we can offer custom service to make the proper table throw for your table, as long as you offer me with the specific size of your table.

Can I print my own brand or the logo onb the table throw?
Yes, custom graphic is available, just download the template and design it, or send me the artwok, we offer simple design service free. 

Is table throw single sided or double sided?
We only offer single-sided printing for our table throws. 

Are the edges of your table throws double stitched? 
Yes, the edges of the table throw are double stitched, and the stitches are visible along the edge of the table throw. 

What kind of printing process do you use for your table throws?
Your design will be printed using a dye sublimation process. This process permanently dyes the design into the fabric of your table throw. Because the ink is dyed into the fabric it significantly increases the durability of your table throw and eliminates any potential chipping or peeling of a printed design.

Can I use table throws outdoors?
You can use the table throw outdoors. We recommend only using it outdoors in calm weather conditions.

What are typical uses for your table throw?
Table throws are typically used for business and promotional use at tradeshows, conventions or conferences, job fairs, and seasonal events. Use table throws to promote new product launches, sponsors, and company branding in a trade show booth or otherwise.

Are your table throws water resistant?
Our table throws are water resisitant, prolonged exposure to rain water without immediate cleaning afterwards can result in the formation of mold and mildew.

Are table throws fire resistant?
Your table throw is printed onto a flame retardant material but we strongly recommend keeping your table throw away from any open flame or heat source.

Will the design on my display fade over time? Is it able to be scratched off?
The dye sublimation printing process results in a design that is both fade and scratch resistant. Normal use and proper storage of the table throw will protect the design from becoming damaged.

How do I set up my table throw?

Setting up your table throw is simple and can be done in seconds. Simply unfold the throw and align the corners of the throw with the corners of the table. Adjust the throw, making sure the front, sides, and back are evenly spaced from the floor.

How do I store my table throw?
Store the table throw by neatly folding it. We recommend placing the folded throw in a hard container or bin to ensure it stays folded and out of harm’s way.

My display is wrinkled - how do I remove the wrinkles?
If wrinkles are present in your table throw, simply use a handheld steamer to remove them. Do not use an iron to remove wrinkles; this can potentially damage the table throw.

How do I wash my display? Can I use a washing machine to clean my display? What about a tumble dryer to dry it?
Using a damp cloth can remove most surface dirt from the table throw. For harder to clean stains, the throw can be machine washed with cold water a low or gentle cycle. Always use a mild detergent and do not mix the table throw with other textiles. Air dry by hanging or laying out the throw. If necessary, tumble dry the table throw by itself on the lowest heat setting. Do not bleach or iron the table throw.