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Pop Up Banner Display with Velcro Fabric Graphic

Pop up banner stands or called backdrop wall designed to make a quick solution at an events. All our pop up display stands are portable and easy to assemble making them more and more popular for trade shows.
Price: $ 386  -  526
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Step1. Click the DOWNDOAD buttonDownload 2 to donwn load the template.

Step2. Make your own design with the template.

Step3. Click UPLOAD buttonUpload 2 to upload your files to email:  order@bannervantage.com 

           or send file directly to email:  order@bannervantage.com

Pop-up banners, also known as pull-up banners or retractable banners, are a versatile and impactful marketing tool that can quickly enhance your brand's visibility at various events and locations. These portable displays offer convenience, eye-catching graphics, and ease of setup, making them a favorite among businesses of all sizes. In this article, we will delve into the essential features of pop-up banners, their benefits, creative applications, and tips for maximizing their effectiveness.


SIZE 7.4 X7.4 FT, 7.4 X 10 FT, 7.4 X 12.3 FT

what you will get-01


            The Power of Portable Marketing


Portable marketing tools like pop-up banners offer businesses the ability to take their message on the go. Whether at trade shows, retail   spaces, or events, these banners are designed to make.

size and description-01

           Sizes of Pop-Up Banners

Pop-up banners come in a range of sizes to suit different needs. From tabletop displays to larger banners that stand over 6 feet tall, there is a size to fit every event and space. Consider the size of your display area and the distance from which you want your message 

to be visible when choosing the right size for your pop-up banner.

          3x3 (H)2250x(W)2250MM  ----- 7.4 x 7.4 ft

          3x4 (H)2250x(W)3000MM  ----- 7.4 x 10  ft

          3x5 (H)2250x(W)3750MM  ----- 7.4 x 12.3 ft

pop up frame details-01

      Frame of Pop-Up Banners

Materials Used in Frame Construction

Pop-up banner frames are typically constructed using lightweight yet durable materials. Common material is aluminum, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, aluminum frames are a top choice for banners.

Velcro on the Pop Up

The velcro on the pop up is to make the graphic easily sticked onto the frame.

Foldable Frame

The foldable frame is designed for a set up in a matter of minutes without the need for additional tools or equipment. And after folded, it is easily to carry and delivery.

Key Features of Pop-Up Banners

  • Compact Design: Pop-up banners are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for businesses that require frequent movement.

  • Eye-Catching Graphics: High-quality graphics and vivid imagery ensure that your message stands out and captures the attention of passersby.

  • Quick and Effortless Setup: Pop-up banners can be set up in a matter of minutes without the need for additional tools or equipment.

  • Sturdy and Durable Build: Despite their lightweight nature, pop-up banners are built to withstand various environments and provide stability during display.

  • Versatility in Usage: These banners can be used in a wide range of settings, from trade shows and exhibitions to retail spaces and corporate events.

Benefits of Using Pop-Up Banners

  • Maximizing Brand Exposure: Pop-up banners act as a visual extension of your brand, effectively communicating your message to a diverse audience.

  • Enhancing Event Presence: These banners help create an inviting and professional space, drawing attendees to your booth or area.

  • Cost-Effective Solution: Pop-up banners offer a cost-effective way to display your brand compared to larger, more elaborate setups.

Tips for Designing Effective Pop-Up Banners

  • Keep the message concise and focused.

  • Use high-resolution images and bold typography.

  • Choose colors that resonate with your brand identity.

  • Incorporate a clear call-to-action to prompt engagement.

Placement Strategies

  • Position pop-up banners at eye level for maximum visibility.

  • Place them strategically near high-traffic areas or entrances.

  • Use lighting to accentuate the banner and draw attention.


  • Q: Can pop-up banners be used outdoors?A: While some pop-up banners are designed for indoor use, there are outdoor-friendly options available with weather-resistant materials.

  • Q: Are pop-up banners reusable?A: Yes, pop-up banners are designed for multiple uses. Invest in quality materials and proper care to extend their lifespan.

  • Q: How do I transport pop-up banners?A: Pop-up banners usually come with a carrying case that makes transportation easy. They are compact and lightweight, making them convenient to carry.

  • Q: Can I replace the graphics on a pop-up banner?A: In many cases, pop-up banners allow for interchangeable graphics, enabling you to update your message or design as needed.

  • Q: Are pop-up banners suitable for smaller businesses?A: Absolutely, pop-up banners are versatile and cost-effective, making them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes to enhance their visibility.


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